Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adieu Mineral Makeup

I've been reading Tine's post about Falling Out Of Love With Mineral Makeup when I, too, realised that I share the same sentiments as her in regards to mineral makeup.

In terms of foundation, I only have two "real" foundations, that is, foundations that are my Holy Grail and which I consistently and constantly use. They are The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation SPF25 and Shiseido The Makeup Supplist Poreless Foundation. Yeah, it's a paltry amount of foundations to own, but apparently I have sensitive skin and I do not want to risk it- I've had a severe acne breakout when I was younger resulting in bi-weekly extractions and facials and medication to control my hormones and the acne, so yeah, I do not want a repeat of that if possible. It was quite damaging to my self-esteem :( And even in choosing foundations I stick to "safe" brands, e.g. Shiseido since it's an Asian brand (Not trying to be racist here, but I believe they were formulated for Asian skin since its creation, so yeah), The Body Shop for it's natural ingredients and mineral makeup for it's purity.

I've been using The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation SPF25 ever since it launched in August (I wrote about it here), and I noticed that I occasionally break out here and there and have whiteheads (Mainly around my T-zone and cheeks). Sometimes there are acne-like welts that do occasionally itch (They even do look like Tine in her post), but most of the time I'd just brush it off as being my hormones acting up since it wasn't very serious. Ah women, how we delude ourselves sometimes :P

Since mineral makeup is in general, loose powder form, and requires a brush to apply which equals to more time consumed, one day when I was rushing I decided to slap on my Shiseido The Makeup Supplist Poreless Foundation (I've also reviewed it generally here)- and found that my complexion seemed to look better! I tried again the next day and the results were the same- my complexion did clear up using Shiseido The Makeup Supplist Poreless Foundation compared to The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation SPF25. I then switched back to using The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation SPF25 and there came again the breakouts and the welts.

I've experimented around- normally my makeup routine now would be Silk Naturals Oil Control Primer- Untinted, foundation and finished with Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder and a spritz of Eau Thermala Avene, and yes, the breakouts and welts were caused by the usage of The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation SPF25.

I'm quite disappointed actually- I really look forward to mineral makeup especially with my skin condition and how natural and raved it is, but it just turns out that it's not for me. I was really sure it would work for me, but it did not :( Maybe it's certain ingredients in The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation SPF25 that I could be sensitive to? I can't be sure- I'm not going to spend money on trying other mineral makeup since I'm saving up for Chinese New Year shopping though, so I guess it's back to using Shiseido The Makeup Supplist Poreless Foundation for me. I might as well finish using it anyway :P

The other sad news would be that my old Shiseido The Makeup Supplist Poreless Foundation shade, I20 Natural Light Ivory, now looks too light on me! And it was only 1/3 used T.T I blame University for making me constantly walk under the sun everyday. Now I'm using O40 Natural Fair Ochre since they did not have a shade darker than I20 Natural Light Ivory o.O There's not much difference though- I20 Natural Light Ivory has pinkish tones while O40 Natural Fair Ochre has more neutral tones, and my skintone seems to be neither pinkish/neutral/warm anyway.

I've also stocked up on my Dermalogica skincare products and gotten more free samples and a bath towel (Which I have to sweetheart) XD

So yeah... I guess I'll say goodbye to mineral makeup for now as well.


Tine said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that you faced the same problem too. Hmm ... just wondering, could the problem be from the Oil Control Primer by Silk Naturals? I don't know, I think that could be the one which caused my rashes. Wondering if it might be that for you too.

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Thanks for the comment Tine :) I was wondering perhaps it could be, although my skin has considerably cleared up after stopping the use of TBS mineral foundation, but there are some pimples/welts that wouldn't go away. I'm trying to wean myself off of it so I'll see how it goes. Hopefully it'll work for me!