Friday, October 10, 2008

Girl From Ipanema

After lusting for so long and waiting for sports shops to stock up on my size, the wait has paid off and I am now an owner of a pair of Gisele Bundchen For Ipanema sandals! Believe me, it wasn't very fun attacking every Royal Sporting House, Studio R and Stadium for the past month for these sandals in my size :P Most of the time they have them in sizes way too small (Think kids' sizes), and I'm normally a size 5!

I got them from Royal Sporting House in 1 Utama earlier for RM 69.90, which is actually considerably cheap for sandals these pretty and these comfy! When I first heard of them I was expecting it to be 3 digits, but the maximum was RM 69.90 and some (If I'm not mistaken) are RM 49.90 depending on design. And as far as I know, RM 3 of the proceeds go to some funds to save the Amazon forest, so you're doing a good deed as well ;)

A closeup shot of the front part of the sandals with the pretty rhinestones. Haven't really worn them out yet, but they really are comfortable from when I've tried them on. The soles are thin and very flexible, and are thus ergonomic. There's been news going around that flip flops/sandals (Normal ones at least) are actually bad for the feet, but flip-flops/sandals that conform to the shape of your feet are good. Mother has a pair of the Gisele Bundchen For Ipanema sandals as well, the thong kind with beadings and she loves it a lot too for a picky shoe lover with arthritis and knee problems!

Anyway, a preliminary video of the video shot my sweetheart and me did sometime in September as part of our University internship project is up on YouTube! Click here to watch it- it's about money and family matters though. My sweetheart and me acted as the children >_> I was actually forced to act since they couldn't find an actress for the role of the daughter... so yeah. My make-up and hair (And sweetheart and everyone else's too) was done by Shegar, a semi-retired make-up artist (Now interior designer) who has previously done make-up for VJs of MTV Asia.

I will review my facial experience at my cousin's salon sometime next week- as I will be going back there to pick up a product on Monday, so I will be taking photos and getting a pricelist of the services they offer :P


Tine said...

Only RM70?! Thank God I haven't bought the exact pair here in Australia yet then. It's AUD39.90 here, which is just ridiculous.

Still having said that, and bought a pair previously for that price, I'd have to say it's the best investment in a pair of sandals I've ever made. It's wonderfully comfortable, even when traveling and hill-climbing! :p

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Yeah Gisele Bundchen's Ipanema sandals are between RM 49.90- RM 69.90 and that's not with discounts!

Oh yes, it is a wonderful pair of sandals :D My mother tried hill climbing with hers and they were super comfortable according to her. Truly a wise investment :P