Saturday, October 25, 2008

QVS Rubicell Foundation Sponge

This was actually an impulsive buy, but I'm glad I bought it and I'm loving it!

As the name on its packaging mentions, it's called QVS Rubicell Foundation Sponge, and well, it's a foundation sponge. I picked it up from Watson's at 1 Utama and I am currently using it with my Shiseido The Makeup Supplist Poreless Foundation. It costs RM 14- I'm not sure if that constitutes as expensive or cheap for foundation sponge standards, but for me I find it a bit on the pricey side.

The back of the packaging- due to the lighting some of the words may be un-read-able or difficult to read, so I'll type them out:
  • Micro-cell texture.
  • For oil or water based makeup.
  • Low absorption sponge.
  • The is nothing better!
When it comes to applying makeup, the right tools make an enormous difference for ease of application, maximum control and flawless finish.
"What is Rubicell? The latest Japanese technology, it is an ultra fine textured sponge that gives the most flawless finish to your makeup.
Oil resistant so it will not shred or swell, it can be used for applying liquid, cream/powder and stick foundation and also to blend concealer. Can be used damp for a lighter application.
To care for your sponge- It is important to keep your sponge clean. Regularly wash in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Gently squeeze out any excess water and allow to air dry.

A close-up shot of the Rubicell sponge, or at least a sad attempt at a close-up. It has a nice soft texture, not latex-y or stretchy like normal foundation sponges, nor it is very soft in a squishy way either. As you can probably see the "pores" of the sponge look smaller too. My initial impression of this sponge is that it is of quite good/high quality material and it impressed me.

It's also very thin as pictured, but like it's description, it doesn't shred or at least does not threaten to shred! With the sponge that my foundation came with I feel that my fingernails are "digging" into the sponge and I worry that one of these days I might damage it (Or shred it @_@), but this problem does not exist for this sponge. The Rubicell sponge is also extremely pliable and flexible, probably due to its thin-ness.

Usage-wise, it feels very nice, gentle and smooth on the skin. It picks up just the right amount of powder and applying it is actually far more easier compared to the Shiseido The Makeup sponge and doesn't seem to "tug" on my skin- a problem I do encounter when using the Shiseido The Makeup sponge that makes application not smooth and the end result of applying foundation uneven and maybe even blotchy. The pliability of the Rubicell sponge also makes it very easy to apply foundation to areas like the sides of my nose and around my eyes. Overall foundation application seems so much more smoother and even and the finishing result is just natural and flawless!

It does live up to its description and I am happy, and it's also right- using the right tools in applying makeup does make a significant difference ;) I'm currently also on the hunt for a good sheer powder brush... any suggestions?

My only gripe with the Rubicell sponge would be that it can't fit into my compact as it's a bit too big- hence it being kept in its original packaging (Which also scored points for being reusable, sturdy and handy too!) :( But I'm definitely going to use it in favour of my old foundation sponge from now on :D A keeper!

P.S. I am so obsessed with flare jeans now! I've always loved bootcut and flare jeans since they flatter my petite silhouette, and flare jeans are "back" in season so I want them! :( I've ordered flare jeans from Victoria's Secret and American Eagle Outfitters, and here's to me crossing my fingers that they will fit :x And in the meantime I want to get a pair of kick-flare cut jeans from Topshop, but I can only do so on Tuesday. I hope they'll still have my size and cut (W27, L30) by then though >_<


心。葵 @ plue said...

i have been using this for ages! it last really long :)

but i don't like to use it with my LF, prefers brushes instead.

i haven't try this with powder, perhaps I should! ^_^

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

It does! I subjected it to a lot of washes as well (I'm a bit of an OCD person), and it still held up quite well. I haven't tried it with LF (Because I don't use LF to be honest :x), but works great with my powder! XD