Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pink For October!

Apparently October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and with all the major (At least to me :P) beauty sites such as Beetrice's Reviews, My Women Stuff and Beautyholics Anonymous supporting the cause, I've decided to jump in on the bandwagon too! :P Not to say that I'm not a supporter of the cause anyway though >_>

I'm not going to be changing my website to pink (Honestly, I dislike the colour pink in general), but my little sidebar will have an icon supporting Pink For October. I find it very important in general to raise awareness amongst people about the various forms of debilitating diseases our society faces, not just breast cancer, so yeah.

Updates won't come so soon, as I'm going to be busy churning out my first article for the Just Money Asia e-magazine, and if you've also been reading my personal blog, you'll find out that I just got engaged too. Stay tuned though! ;)

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