Friday, August 29, 2008

The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Collection

It seems as though no one has mentioned this yet at the time of my writing this post, and even I didn't know about it until I walked past The Body Shop at MidValley Megamall earlier today!

My only foray into mineral makeup was through e.l.f.'s mineral makeup range quite some time ago, which I didn't really enjoy because their foundation and concealer didn't have a matte finish and thus the "shimmer" kind of emphasised my rather large pores back then.

Since then I have always been on a lookout for a good mineral makeup range. L'Oreal came out with their mineral makeup range but I was quite put off by their bulky packaging and their brush which feels incredibly stiff. Revlon also recently came out with a mineral makeup range, but I wasn't too inclined to try it either for some reason.

However, I've always loved The Body Shop products and have always been wishing they'd come out with their own mineral makeup range. Looks like my wish has come true! :P

The Body Shop's Nature's Minerals range has foundation, blusher and eyeshadow, and being the minimalist makeup person I decided to get just the foundation. Look at how pretty and decadent-looking the packaging for the items are!

According to the sales representative that served me, the foundation has 6 shades, but they had only shades 01, 02, 04 and 05 available. I was recommended shade 01, the lightest shade, which came as a surprise to me as I normally use shade 03 for their loose powder. To my surprise, shade 01 suited me quite nicely with a slightly pinkish tinge, while shade 02 was more brownish. I'll have to try it on for a few more days before I can really comment on the foundation completely though.

It's not pictured but the sifter for the mineral foundation, instead of being holes like normal powder sifter jars, is actually a mesh-like net. I find it unique. The texture of the powder is also fine, very fine. It's comparable to the fineness of Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder (Which I also have and will review). Prior to purchasing The Body Shop's Nature's Minerals foundation I have tried Revlon's and Laura Mercier's mineral foundations, but didn't really like them compared to The Body Shop's. Revlon's was nice but lost in terms of powder texture, and Laura Mercier's was shimmery, which I didn't like.

The kabuki brush for the foundation. It's one of the softest brush I have ever touched and the bristles are incredibly dense. Feels very nice against the skin. It even comes with its own pouch for storage, which is really wonderful! That's all I can say for now about the brush. I will have to do a re-review after I've tried the products on for a few days obviously :P I already have one kabuki brush from Everyday Minerals and I love it a lot too!

The foundation alone costs RM 99 and the brush RM 79, but they're having a promotion in which you buy both for only RM 147.90! Really worth giving it a try I'd say. I'm not sure if the other The Body Shop outlets have it yet, as I went to the one at The Curve yesterday and they didn't have it, so yeah.

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