Saturday, August 16, 2008

How Vain Am I?

I've decided to take this little quiz while reading the archives of My Women Stuff :P

You Are 65% Vain

You're a little vain, but you also work hard for your good looks.

Just remember, everyone knows you are a total hottie. You don't have to remind them.

Here are the questions and what I think of them and how I answer them:

1. You check out your reflection in windows.
- Always. I always check to see if there's any shine on my face, if there's anything stuck between my teeth, etc. Sometimes when there are mirrors around I'd just admire myself and if possible assess how I look in my clothes that day too. Yeah. A very vain thing to do :P

2. Your closet is chock full of the latest styles, even if your credit card suffers for it a little.
- Never. I shop for clothes and styles that SUIT and fit me, and I don't follow fashion trends. That's why I never have trapeze dresses or bubble skirts/dresses even if they're in the vogue at that particular time. Simply put it they just don't fit me, so I'm not and won't be getting them... despite racks and racks of them everywhere.

3. You buy tons of personal care products, from expensive moisturisers to specialty shampoo.
- Always. Guilty as charged. I attribute this to the fact that I am curious person and my skin condition has been rather temperamental to say the least, hence the tendency of trying out different brands and such. Regarding hair, I used to have really frizzy hair that was neither straight nor wavy/curly, then I had them straightened but hated the regrowth period, so now they're permanently permed. Hence the "specialty" shampoo and styling products bit >_>

4. You dream of being a movie star or model.
- Sometimes. Who doesn't really? :x I'd like to be more of a model, but I don't have the height (I'm about 5'3") and my looks are pretty single tracked- as in I usually only have one expression that looks presentable on camera, or so I am always told. Plus, being a model is tiring. That said, I have been doing a bit of modeling for a friend lately... (Re: Tiring part)

5. If you started to lose your looks, your self esteem would likely suffer.
- Always. I used to have severe acne back when I was in my teens. So severe that I had to go for facials twice a week to rescue my skin, but *Touch wood* thankfully it did work and my acne was cured. Having people stating the obvious that you have severe acne problems isn't very pleasant, hence the paranoia. Even now I am not without skin problems (Especially enlarged pores!) and when I have minor breakouts I do kind of tend to panic. Although my skin has improved by a lot, it does affect my self-esteem, so if I started losing my looks I would be very sad.

6. If you weren't happy with your looks in some way, you would consider cosmetic surgery.
- Sometimes. I have rather "droopy" eyes (Eyes that "droop" at the ends), which even Mum comments upon, so I have considered going for surgery to rectify that. I have even considered cosmetic surgery for my nose and improvement (More of an enhancement) of my side profile (Which I dislike). But the urge isn't serious enough to get me doing them, and I'm just comfortable with the way I am for now.

7. You wear designer underwear.
- Sometimes. It makes a woman feel decadent and sexy sometimes ;)

8. Besides showering, it takes you at least 20 minutes to get dressed and primped for the day.
- Always. 20 minutes alone on average for my skincare, from cleansing to BB cream and foundation. However, the time also may include the application of eyeliner and/or mascara and wearing contact lenses, so it's pretty dependent really.

9. You enjoy getting your picture taken.
- Rarely. I'm pretty camera-shy (Re: model question) and don't really like the way I look on photos most of the time :x

10. If you see someone of your gender who is hot, you immediately start silently critiquing them.
- Sometimes. I can be a bitch at times :(

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