Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Naughty Naughty Me

I've been naughty in a sense that I am supposed to curb my expenditure, but still end up spending anyway! :x

I have actually finished my post on my second part of my makeup reviews... but I forgot the retail prices for my mascara! Being the perfectionist I am, I will not be posting it yet until I stop by a pharmacy and get the price tag for it first... so yeah >_> Please be patient with me.

For the past few days my intolerance for my skin condition has worsened. My gripes are mainly large pores, oily T-zone (Especially the nose) and the occasional little breakouts, and as you can see from my previous posts I have mentioned these several times and spent quite a lot of money on trying to solve them, but to no real avail or result. Perhaps I am not patient enough, but I have been using the products for quite some time and my spending was getting a bit out of hand... so I thought it was time to throw in the towel.

So I went for a session of Face Mapping at the Dermalogica Consultation Pod at The Curve's Metrojaya. I have done my Face Mapping there once before, about 4-5 months ago and once a few years back at 1 Utama. The few years back I got samples and found that they work nicely on my skin, but since then I could never find the reason to fork out money for their products since it's expensive, although I have always wanted them :|

Not to mention that the ladies at the Dermalogica Consultation Pod at The Curve's Metrojaya were generally nice and not pushy. I was attended by Fion that day, and she was very patient in explaining my skin condition and the products she recommended. Turns out that I have what they call sensitised skin, which is basically the cause of all my problems.

I walked out with these:

Actually I bought the Essential Cleansing Solution a day before I decided to go for the Face Mapping and find out for once and for all what's wrong with my skin, but when I mentioned this to Fion she said that it would suit me too, to keep my hydration level up, although our priority is to deal with my sensitised skin.

There was also a 5% discount for all Dermalogica products there too! I would buy from Rayanne from LowYat.NET as she sells them for way cheaper (About 20% cheaper than retail if I'm not mistaken), but since I'm not going to be using my own cash :P

So let's see. We have:
But I am happy, because in spite of all these, I also got:

All for free! @.@ Exfoliating Face Brush, travel sized bottles of the set I bought, which is really handy because I'll be travelling from 19th-29th August and samples. I was also recommended the Skin Hydrating Masque and Daily Microfoliant, but I didn't want to break my budget. Maybe I'll buy them from Rayanne myself :)

Overall I had a nice experience there. I'm interested in getting facials there, particularly from Fion since she was really patient with my incessant questioning about my skin concerns and problems, and was not pushy and overall professional. Admittedly, her English isn't THAT good, but still, I like her.

I will most probably review the items one by one. I've only been using them a few days, so I can't really tell yet, but so far so good and I am happy!

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