Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Makeup Reviews Part 1- Face

I've decided to separate out my makeup reviews, just so I'll have more posts to write about and so that scrolling won't be too much of a hassle hopefully :P

Part 1 will go to the face section. Admittedly, I am not a huge makeup user, although I am enthusiastic about it- I am a bit lazy to learn and I'm not exactly a fan of the huge, overly made-up look unless there's a special function (e.g. prom) :| So I just get by with the basics- whether for face, eyes, lips... so yeah, there won't be that much to review in terms of my personal makeup here :P

After my daily cleansing routine, I apply a bit of Etude House's BB Magic Cream all over my face. It's consistency and the like is similar to liquid foundation, but as mentioned in my previous post, it's actually an all-in-one multipurpose thing :P So I now generally use it as a makeup base of some sort, or if I'm staying in I just use it as the final step in my skincare without foundation.

I've tried using it alone- and the result is nothing short of being excellent. It makes my skin look practically flawless! Only a very little amount is required for my entire face and gives me good coverage- I wouldn't describe the coverage as being heavy, it does feel so at first when applied but it goes on pretty sheer. The label at the back of the box says it might go on white and then slowly blend into the skin tone, but I personally don't have this problem. It blends in well. It doesn't exactly mattify much on its own (Maybe because it's not the oil control version) as I can see the sides of my nose shine a little later in the day, but it's nothing really big- in fact it makes my face look a little radiant since it's so flawless :P The price is RM 45.90 for a 35 ml convienient pump-tube.

The reason I don't prefer to use it alone is because of it's not-so-mattifying properties. It means that I have to blot my face (Especially my troublesome nose!) every once in a while. Yes, I'm lazy, I love fuss-free makeup :(

And apparently I found out from Makeup For Life that BB creams, when used over a prolonged period of time, helps to improve overall skin condition. Awesomeness. Feel free to drop by and search her post on BB creams if you're interested XD But otherwise the site itself is a nice read too!

The foundation that I mainly use now is Shiseido Supplist Poreless Foundation and my shade is I20 Natural Light Ivory. The price for the case is RM 48 (It's a lovely case too!) and the refill cake plus sponge is RM 129.

It's a compact powder foundation, and once applied gives a slightly powdery look on the skin, although this does not last long. On its own, it delivers true to it's promise- giving me a refined, poreless look which I truly adore, although pores are still not 100% minimised, just shrunk by a large margin. Coverage-wise it is also not exactly heavy as it is powder foundation and gives an overall matte finish. It's not exactly as sheer as tinted moisturiser would be either. I guess I'd rate the coverage medium sheer. It's pretty sweat-resistant too- it can withstand an hour plus of vigorous Taekwondo class and I'll still come out of class looking every bit as polished as before I entered! Lasting power is good as well- I was once out for almost a whole day and after 10 hours and I still looked matte. It was only after about the 12 hour mark that I needed to blot the troublesome shine beside my nose.

When combined with the BB cream it makes me skin look even more flawless and pores are very, very minimised as when the BB cream or foundation is used alone.

The cleansing oil that I use is Shu Uemura's High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Classic. I normally cleanse my face first with this before moving on to my Cellnique Paramedical Gentle Foaming Cleanser, although as mentioned and shown above I don't use heavy coverage makeup, but I still prefer to work with a clean slate so to speak. The oil works well to remove my facial makeup, although I've not tried using it to remove my eye makeup since I have a makeup remover for that! I don't particularly enjoy the smell though- it's a, well, mineral-y and oily scent, but it does soften my skin and there's no post-wash tightness or tautness. It's RM 99 for 150 ml bottle.

Cleansing oil is generally applied on dry skin with dry hands, then emulsified with some water before rinsing completely :)

I'm going to be travelling in August for about a week, and as I'm writing my list of what to pack I am becoming increasingly conscious that my skincare and makeup products alone are going to take a lot of space, and some of them are not travel friendly- e.g. my Shiseido Eudermine Revitalising Essence. So I am in need of travel-friendly alternatives (Or travel bottles and jars, depends really), and I figure I should start with my makeup remover.

I just got this- Simple's Cleansing Facial Wipes. I like their Deep Cleansing Facial Mask and I used to use it back when I had oilier skin. Digressing, these will obviously be more convienient to use than my Shu Uemura's High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Classic. I've tried them and so far so good! They remove my makeup completely and does not give a tight, taut feeling afterwards- in fact it also claims to tone the skin as well, which it does, but I find it a bit redundant for me since I'm going to wash my face anyway. Handy for quick makeup removal and cleansing though. I haven't tried removing eye makeup with it yet, and when I do I'll do a follow-up review :P Retails for RM 17.90 for 25 wipes, but there was a 15% discount at Watson's where I bought it.


Connie said...

Thanks for the review on the BB cream. I'll look into that when I'm almost done with my Missha BB cream.

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Don't worry about it :) I'm going to get the oil-control and UV protection BB cream as well... just to compare and review. Thanks for dropping by!