Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Post!

Hello and welcome to my first post here. As mentioned, this is going to be a blog solely dedicated to reviews of makeup and skincare products I have bought and/or tried. Inspired by Skin Deco, but since I'm not an avid makeup user there will not be tutorials or anything like that. If you want tutorials you can link to her site, there's a lot you can learn from there!

I've named this blog Muse Of The Moment because beauty products are, well, like muses. This post may feature one (Or two, or several!) items, and the next will feature a different item, and so on. Unless it's a follow up review, but still :P I've decided to make a beauty blog partly also because I didn't want to cramp my original blog (mnemosyne) with too much girly stuff.

So yes, let's start with the basics.

My current daily skincare routine set.

From left to right (back row):
Then from left to right (front row):
Traveling will be hell with this many items XD I shall slowly review the items from my daily usual skincare set before moving on the other items, but for now I will just be introducing them! Stay tuned!

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Tine said...

Welcome to the world of beauty blogging :)