Monday, November 17, 2008

How To Spend RM 95 In A Day

So much for trying to control my expenditure >_> But it's money quite well-spent (Since I needed and wanted them anyway), and come to think of it I could have actually spent more but resisted the temptation! Yay me! I went to MidValley Megamall with my sweetheart with intentions to window shop and price check (Mainly on makeup bases/primers) actually. I still can't decide which to get, so I guess I'll stick with my Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie in the meantime until it runs out :P

So these are what I got: The Body Shop Loose Face Powder in 01 and Origins Smileage Plus Liptint in 03 Eco-Pink. The Body Shop Loose Face Powder is RM 55 whilst the Origins Smileage Plus Liptint is RM 40 (At Origins in The Gardens MidValley).

I would call this a cheaper version of the Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder. I wanted to play Shop In My Stash by My Women Stuff, but I was a bit too late. I only dug up an old, 95% used up jar of The Body Shop Loose Face Powder a few days back and started using it (Until it ran out), and it's replacing my Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder :P Hence buying a new jar. It's in 01- a more yellow-based powder. The SA (A guy named Man who was actually quite nice) was patient enough to answer my questions regarding the colouring of the loose powders. 02 is pink-based and 03 is brown-based basically. I went for yellow-based since it would match the skin colour of my neck, which is more yellow-ish compared to my arms, which are brown-ish. See, this is the problem with being a tanned Chinese :( I'm somewhere in between yellow/brown/pink, which is why getting a foundation match is so hard for me. I'd better keep tanned though, because I don't want to be getting a new lighter foundation shade XD

The Body Shop Loose Face Powder is actually my very first foray into makeup- I used to use no foundation at all (And had no prior experience in using one), I just dusted the powder over my face with my Everyday Minerals kabuki brush (I still do now, although after my Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Powder Makeup SPF10 foundation). Then I craved more makeup products and wanted to experiment more (The main reason I recall was due to SPF, which The Body Shop Loose Face Powder lacked), and the rest, they say, is history :P

I'm glad I found this old gem back though- I think I put it aside when my compact foundations entered the scene. It's quite finely textured, makes my skin feel smooth and most of all, actually lasted longer than my Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder in terms of oil control and lasting power. Coverage wise it's pretty buildable, just like the Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder. They're both also loose powder, after all. And in my opinion, The Body Shop Loose Face Powder is also less "messier" than the Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder- less spillage around the mouth of the jar/lid/table occurs when you're trying to get new powder up on top and opened it. For some reason my Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder always "overflows", which is a problem during transportation/traveling and can get quite frustrating because it's wastage. This is the case where cheaper is definitely better for me. The Body Shop Loose Face Powder is half the size of the Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder, but costs cheaper (2 jars of The Body Shop Loose Face Powder is RM 110 = 1 jar of Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder @ RM 120) and works the same if not better.

Another thing I've always wanted and managed to buy is the Origins Smileage Plus Liptint :D It's actually more of an impulse buy- I wanted some colour on my lips since I never did play with my lips unless I had my makeup done professionally. I normally emphasise my eyes (I love eyeliner especially), so this is a step towards experimenting with lip colours I guess :P I love the packaging and how slim the whole thing is, which makes it easy to apply on my lips. The colour is actually incredibly sheer though (So swatching is incredibly hard, so sorry, no swatches), but it makes my lips look healthier and enhances the colour of my lips, not to mention moisturises!

How it looks on my lips. I like how it's non-sticky- and doesn't have a very noticeable smell and/or taste. The initial scent reminds me of something for sure, but I just can't put a finger to it. I tried Benefit Cosmetics California Kissin' too, but it was RM 93 and I couldn't bring myself to buy it. It's quite nice, minty and cooling, but has sparkles in it, which I don't really like personally :P The Origins Smileage Plus Liptint leaves a nice, very light, subtle stain on the lips and if you kiss something (Or someone :P) hard enough you leave a little mark, but not as obvious as lipstick does.

M.A.C disappointed me with its Viva Glam lipsticks and the Passionately Red/Viva Glam lip palettes :| The palettes look awesome in photo and on the site, but in reality it actually looks a bit... cheap in my opinion. Not as classy as I expected. They're for charity (Which is why I even looked at it in the first place), but for RM 63 a lipstick and RM 115 a palette, I couldn't really bring myself to get it either.

The colours also didn't really match me and the SA was a bit meh. Sure, she assisted me, but either she didn't hear me or she ignored my request of recommending what lip colours would suit me (I was totally picking the wrong colours!), but I'm also a total klutz when it comes to applying lipstick and she didn't help me at all. She looked lost in her own world or gave me the impression that she's bored or something. Now I see why some people boycott M.A.C! It's too bad, since previously I had a good experience with the SA that assisted me when I bought their Brush Cleanser and I didn't think of them as pushy. Turns out that they ARE non-pushy, they just don't seem to care :P

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